The past few weeks I've been looking deeply at our five senses and how they relate to each other as they are important in our everyday life. Maybe you've never really looked at them or wondered how you use them in all situations.

You use at least one of your five senses every moment of your life, they are at work while we sleep, they work together they let your brain know what is going on around you, they keep you safe by warning you of any danger.

Lets look at our eyes which is our sight they are the hardest working parts of your body, you might not think that but stop for a moment and think about them. They start to work the very moment you wake up till you go to sleep. Your eyes, well I see mine as camera's and they take images from the world around me and the information is then sent to my brain in which it translates for me what is going on or being said as I can't hear very well.

It has been interesting looking at the five senses to see and to understand how they work, they work together if one doesn't work as it should, the others work harder to make up for that loss.

The world is a very different place without your ears, you can see things but not hear them, so you miss out on a lot of important things that is going on around you. I believe my eyes are much stronger seeing I don't hear very well, I feel that I tend to see much more as I read the body language and use my senses to warn me of danger if I see it or feel it from a distance, it's like a protection.

Many people argue that we have more than five senses and I believe that as well.

As I walk into this element of looking at the senses I plan to capture a different form within abstract photography just what I'm feeling or seeing around me in the world today as I see it and experience life.