To have achieved the Masters. After two years of intense studying and attending many different tutorials to listening to guest speakers where they shared their work with us all. It was a time I will never never forget I think the highlights for me was learning under such talented people who were happy to share their experiences with us as a group and to share their work with us to encourage us to get out there with our cameras and capture the world from our eyes.

At the graduation I was finally given the opportunity to meet almost everyone from my class it was a fabulous day.

Upon arrival at The Royal Festival Hall on an overcast Friday afternoon, as we walked into the festival hall it was practically empty due to the fact we were early.

As we walked around inside we didn’t have to line up for our hired robes it was a matter of showing the attendant our reference number and we were issued with our academic robe and hat, within a matter of five minutes Tom (my class mate) and myself were ready for the graduation.

After taking some photos of us dressed up for the occasion we walked outside to enjoy the fresh air only to suddenly feel a refreshing shower descend upon us it was refreshing.

The graduation ceremony certainly was something that I will remember for a long time, it carries lots of emotions for everyone attending and for those who graduated it was a proud moment when walking across the stage.

I am so thankful for all the tutors who taught us over many hours over the past few years, also my Thanks goes to the guest speakers as well.

Especially at times when I had to politely ask them to repeat what was said or type into the little text box as a way of communicating so I could follow and understand what was happening.

Thank you everyone for making this possible.