For the past year I've been working on a project on self as a profoundly deaf person.  It has been a journey that I never anticipated to be walking on.  It stated off when I was researching and wanted to find something different to share with the world something that perhaps had never been shared before.

After a few weeks of thinking about telling my story. I'm quite a private person so didn't want to be in many photographs so I decided to tell my story through someone else, when I started to take the photographs I realised that it wasn't working so after a tutorial with one of my tutors she gently encouraged me to not feel intimidated to look more at self in this project to capture my story on ME and not another person.  

So the story begins as I got the camera focused on myself and I began to take photos that tell how it is as a profoundly deaf person in todays society how we cope and how the frustrations can take hold of us in the moments when we can't help ourselves.

The story is called 'The Middle Land', I'm inviting you to walk with me on this journey.