I was encouraged to continue it for the final major project by the tutors.

These past five months I have worked endlessly on this project which is about my life as a profoundly deaf artist in todays world and the difficulties that entails in day to day situations.

These past few years while reading for my Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary. It has clearly been a journey of where I have been stretched as a person, yet at the same time I have learned valuable things not only about myself but about how I practice as a photographer.

The tutors have a wide range of different experiences in this field of photojournalism and Documentary photography and I hold them in high regard.  My time spent reading for the masters with (LCC) London College of Communication is something I will hold on to for the coming years as I continue to practice as a photographer.

The Major Project is a story which looks into my own life and states the obvious as to how I see the world.  The abstract images demonstrate when I'm frustrated or not sure what is going on around me as words are spoken but I haven't heard everything as I should have, so I'm left with half a sentence where I'm lost and trying to put everything together.

The images seen here are just a few from my major project to share.

In time when I have received my grades I will share the link to the full project which is going to print next week with a company who I have worked with before while doing my BA.

I am looking for ways to share this project further, perhaps in the medical profession or some other area where professionals work within the hearing sector.

Thank you for reading.

More blogs to follow soon.