As I began to look at Laura's work it was so inspiring and I felt that I could relate to it in many ways. She shares images that speak of her life and different experiences that she's been through, the images are very evident to those experiences.

She talks of loneness and the feeling that she's trying to find her place in this world where she feels lost.

Having seen this it inspired me and motivated me even more to look at what I'm photographing and to find my own style / way forward with the 'Middle Land' as I seek to move on into the moments of looking at the different senses. A deeper level of the isolation that I find myself in as a profoundly deaf person, to look at the different senses we all have and try to understand them as they all work together.

Paul Lowe encouraged me to look at Laura's work and I'm thankful he did as it gave me deep encouragement to remain focused even on those things that are unseen as I try to explain them in my photography in this journey.