Or for those of you who are not on social networks might not have stumbled across those words. I think it originally started off on Instagram with the challenge of posting a photo onto ‘your story’ for 24 hours.

It was posted due to the reasons we can’t socialise with our friends, and it gives the glimpse of the tomorrow which is yet to be, and adds that glimmer of hope to it. Most posted photos of friends with that hashtag on Instagram which is beautiful, it showed you a photo of happy times and memories they have with those friends.

These past three weeks have been extremely difficult times for all of us. Life changed in a matter of hours, from doing the normal things to suddenly having to stay indoors and only allowed out for certain things.

Everyone has struggled with these changes in many different ways, it has been a real time of testing, it’s something that isn’t normal and for many a nightmare.

The World suddenly changed for all of us, many lost their jobs, some are put on furlough, businesses have now suffered terribly, and may not be able to fully function when all this is over. Many people have died as a result of catching Coronavirus, that in itself is heartbreaking.

‘No-one knows when this will be over’.

My heart has been heavy over the many people who have died due to Coronavirus, it’s awful absolutely awful.

Daily I found myself like many others glued to the tv screen to get the news bulletins from the Government every day.

The one thing that has touched my heart is the endless kindness that the village where I live has shown to everyone.  It ranges from people putting books out on their wall, for people passing by to take one home to read (but they were wiped down by the owner beforehand), people also hid some chocolate on Easter Sunday for the kids out on their walk to find and take home to enjoy.

The old lady next door, I tend to keep an eye out for her every day, the daughter does pass by every week to check as well. Nancy is her name she is so lovely.

One of the main things that seems to be so bizarre is when one goes food shopping sometimes I do wonder if I might end up with a parking ticket due to the length of time I have to wait to get into the shop...thankfully that hasn’t happened yet!

Coronavirus is real, it has been a life changing time for everyone, all we can do is follow the government guidelines each day and look out in hope for this all to end.

I’ve struggled everyone has, yet we go on and look to tomorrow for we have deep hope that we can beat Coronavirus.

Many things have changed and I personally think we will never go back to what life was like before.