Sometimes it can be hard going as the weather can play a huge part in the photos that I wish to take or the ideas I have suddenly don’t work out.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a critical feedback session and I wanted to have quite a few photos for that but it’s proving hard to get them done on time. It’s not just any photos it’s got to fit in with what I’m trying to say and people need to be able to relate to the imagery as well.

I have found that when doing a Documentary it takes time for the story to develop into something meaningful and it can’t be a rushed job, it takes time. I guess this is something I’m learning as I go along but I love watching it develop into something beautiful that might touch others.

Here is a photo I took this past week while out walking and practicing the 20 minuets eye shut time.

It involves going outside to a safe place with your camera and sitting down closing your eyes for twenty minutes, then when you open them start taking photos before you even think about what your looking at, it’s like a form of mindfulness but with a camera. It’s most interesting what I capture at times.

I’m learning as I go along and as I see things in a different way to how I’m used to seeing.